What is this?

Thousands of parents are signing up to benefit their schools through

When you sign up, you get a $10 gift card to the site, your school gets a $10 donation AND 1% of the value of all your future purchases on the site.

What is

A local "Everything Store" that is an alternative to Amazon.

Now you can shop an ever-growing list of local NYC stores in one place, with free same-day delivery, all in one box.

You can read more about it in these articles:

Just a few of the stores you can shop with your $10 gift card...


Amy's Bread

Runnin' Wild Toys

Duke's Liquor Box

Annie's Blue Ribbon

Fferins Candy Store

Brooklyn Superhero Supply


High Valley Books

Woods Grove



"Just learned about this & now I'm going to use it for everything."

Michelle Goldberg

Host of NYTimes Podcast "The Argument"

"Supporting local businesses and local schools - what could be better!"

Megan Leese

PS 139 Parent

Sign up to get a $10 gift card and a $10 donation for the school of your choice