Our Story

Empowering NYC

ShopIN enables you to shop multiple stores around the city in a way that will make you fall deeper in love with local shopping. Our technology makes inventory within our city accessible, so everyone can easily discover and shop local from home. You’ll enjoy same-day delivery from multiple stores in a single bag - all without the need for trucking and massive warehouses, because we fulfill all orders via existing stores. Utilizing the existing assets of the city makes the business more sustainable, both financially and environmentally. 

The partnership between the stores on the site creates a commerce network that allows us to bring together hundreds of thousands of SKUs to serve most every need. It’s not just the stores that have joined the team though - most shopIN customers are regulars, who frequently help spread the word to other New Yorkers.

Typically the experience of shopping online is a minefield. By contrast, since shopIN only features items from local stores, the level of trust is through the roof. We know our neighborhood shops are thoughtful about what they put on their shelves, and everything is easy to return if needed. Since our team is always in your neighborhood anyway, we can even pick it up free of charge. 

Early on we recognized that openness and transparency were a benefit to everyone in the city. That’s why we built our API for stores, and it’s why we’re thrilled to soon be opening that API even further. Soon anyone will be able to become a curator and build their own stores, from open-sourced locally located prodcts, without the need to think about fulfillment. It’s the next step towards experiencing local shopping as you never have before. We can’t wait to share it with you.

The Early Days (aka "The Movement")

Local stores supporting the Movement!

Romiel from customer support poses with snazzy limited-edition packages

Cassie from operations gathering donations from New Yorkers for local food banks

Marie, owner of Moto Spirits in Bushwick

A few of the many New Yorkers who took our pledge to do 20% of their online shopping in NYC

Kevonne prepping Halloween orders (back when CEO Maya's house = our sorting facility 😂)